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CYE’s team has ample experience in development aid in more than 30 countries throughout the world, in the frame of projects and programmes financed by the most important bilateral and multilateral institutions of cooperation.


Feb 2015 - Jun 2015
The specific objetive of this assignment is to support the Latvian Government by reinforcing  the Permanent Representation in Brussels and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Riga, respectively, with two experts in development policy, for the duration of the Latvian EU Presidency ...
Support to the Government of the Republic of Latvia on issues related to EU and international Development Policy
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Jun 2004 - Dec 2005
Assistance to ISPA Unit of the Ministry for the elaboration of priority criteria according to ISPA strategy, and list fixing of projects to be included in ...
Technical Assistance to the Environment Ministry for follow-up and prioritization of ISPA funding demands
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Czech Republic
Nov 2002 - Jan 2004
The rehabilitation Programme treated hydraulic infrastructures and environmental protection (small barrages, ...
Technical Assistance for infrastructures rehabilitation in the environmental sector - Emergency rehabilitation Programme
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Nov 2002 - Dec 2002
Critical review of existing feasibility studies. Assessment of the capacity of the beneficiary communities to support the planned investments applying a global affordability methodology. Preparation of ...
Assessment of Ten Water Projects
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Apr 2002
The mission concerns six environmental ISPA projects in Slovakia providing new ...
Technical Assistance for Analysing and Monitoring Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Operations
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Apr 2002 - May 2002
Revision of tender documents related to sewerage networks and WWTPs, with ...
Technical Assistance for the assessment of six ISPA Environment tenders
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