Framework-Contractor of the European Commission

Framework-Contracts consist of a specific tender procedure of the European Commission to ensure flexibility when providing technical assistance both to beneficiary countries and the institution itself. Their objective is to provide services within a short period of time through a simpler bidding process.

FWCs are usually multi-year contracts and can cover most of the European Commission Cooperation programs and projects. They are usually subdivided into lots, each lot covering a different area of activity.

Each FWC is won by a number of consortiums for a single lot or several lots. They become providers of services to the European Commission in a specific area or in several areas. Therefore, whenever the EC needs those services, it sends a request to some of the winning consortiums inviting them to submit proposals for that specific request. The proposals must include the CVs of the experts who would participate in the mission and sometimes a methodology on how the assignment will be developed.

The FWC's missions have a maximum budget of 1.000,000 € and a maximum duration of four years.

Once the EC has received the proposals from the consortiums invited, it selects the winning proposal and ultimately signs a contract with the winning consortium.

CYE Consult has been a FWC Contractor of the FWC Contract Beneficiaries 2009 and 2013 Lot 1: Rural Development , and of the FWC Contract Commission 2011 Lot 1: Studies and Technical Assistance in all sectors.

We are currently a FWC Contractor of the SIEA FWC 2018, as partner of the COWI consortium.

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