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Rural Development and Food Security
Infrastructures and transport
Governance and institutional strenghtening
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Fostering Green Transition in PetÚn - Technical Assistance to the EUD
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Jan 2024 - Jan 2026
The overall objective is to enhance EU cooperation with Nigeria, focusing ...
EU Support to Circular Economy, Climate Smart Agriculture and Climate Resilience - Nigeria
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Tanzania, United Republic of
Jan 2024 - Nov 2024
The project aims to develop sustainable and inclusive tourism in Saadani/Bagamoyo, ...
Carrying Capacity Study and Tourism Destinations Planning on Coastal Areas of Tanzania
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Papua New Guinea
Jan 2024 - Apr 2024
The European Commission prioritizes systematic and timely evaluation of its programs to assess achievements, quality, and results, emphasizing result-oriented approaches and SDG implementation. Evaluations aim to ...
Final Evaluation of the "Support to the Papua New Guinea National WaSH Policy 2015-2030 ľ Part 1 programme's"
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Tanzania, United Republic of
May 2023 - Dec 2023
The Blue Economy (BE) Programme for Tanzania was developed under the Annual Action Plan for 2022 by the EU Delegation. The program aims to promote sustainable ...
Technical Assistance to the VPO for the coordinationof the Blue Economy activities, policy formulation, and facilitation of the implementation of budget support component of the EU Blue Economy Programme
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Apr 2023 - Aug 2023
The Climate Change Mitigation Support Program (PALCC) was launched on March ...
Final Evaluation of the Climate Change Mitigation Support Program (PALCC)
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