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CYE’s team has ample experience in development aid in more than 30 countries throughout the world, in the frame of projects and programmes financed by the most important bilateral and multilateral institutions of cooperation.


Jul 2012 - Jul 2013
EC (European Commission)
Institutional strengthening

The global objective of the project was to reduce the risk to people and the developed and natural environment from flooding and coastal erosion from the sea and the rivers by encouraging the provision of technically, environmentally and economically sound and sustainable defence measures.

The specific objectives were to provide a relevant set of multidisciplinary support services  in the management and supervision of outstanding construction works under the 9th EDF, particularly during the maintenance period and the initiation of the requisite preparatory work and the development of strategies for the implementation of 10th EDF Budget Support. 

Main activities include: 

  • Provide guidance and assistance toward the project management and  monitoring of on-going activities
  • Formulation of an implementation strategy for the Sea Defence Sector Policy 
  • Provide support to the NAO's office in the finalisation of the 10th EDF Action Fiche  

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