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CYE’s team has ample experience in development aid in more than 30 countries throughout the world, in the frame of projects and programmes financed by the most important bilateral and multilateral institutions of cooperation.


Mar 2009 - Jun 2009
EDF (European Development Fund)
Mid-term evaluation of the PASILD and formulation of the future intervention in the field of natural resources management and local development

The general objective of the PASILD ("Programme d’Accompagnement Structurant d’Initiatives Locales de Développement") is to structure and follow-up participative initiatives for integrated local development (environment, governance, gender). 

The mission was carried on within two distinct phases: the first allowed establishing an independent and global appraisal of the results reached by the PASILD at mid term, evaluating the methodology of its implementation and formulating recommendations regarding the evolution of the EU support in the field of local development in Chad. The second, in the framework of the implementation of the Country Strategy Paper and of the National Indicative Programme (10th EDF in Chad), consisted in the formulation of the Programme GRN/Local development and in the validation of the technical documents.

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